August 19, 2015

Laura & Robbie: Wedding Preview #2

Laura & Robbie were so much fun to work with... they were one of the easiest couples to photograph (and they look like models!)... so much that I think they actually started posing themselves for photos! :)

Here is their second wedding preview, I couldn't help but share a few more while I work on their wedding photos! :)

All Images © 2015 Cecilia Flaming


  1. What a special day! The preview shots look wonderful. When can we hope to see all the photos?

    1. Hi Sandra!

      Right now with the busy wedding season, the bride & groom can expect to receive their photos within 6-8 weeks - and they'll receive the link to the online gallery when it's ready! :) After photos are sent to them I will post a blog post with more photos! (They should be ready soon!!! Another week or so!) :) Can't wait to share them with you!