August 31, 2015

Alan & Lori // Minnekhada Lodge Wedding

I'm so excited to post this wedding... I had a blast even though it felt like the hottest day of the summer!  Alan and Lori were married on July 4th at Minnekhada Lodge in Coquitlam, BC.  The lodge was set in a forest setting (complete with bears!... photo to come later) and they were married out on the front lawn.  Gorgeous.... that's all I can say to sum it up in one word!

We started off the day with getting ready photos of the ladies and the guys!  My lovely assistant, Bianca was able to head over to the other side of the lodge and capture photos of Alan and his groomsmen getting ready while I was with Lori and her ladies!

 Thanks to Bianca, (my awesome assistant) for taking these photos of the guys getting ready!
The ceremony took place outside the lodge in the front entranceway.  We had golden sunlight in the late afternoon and it was a perfect setting for Alan & Lori's ceremony... (I LOVE outdoor ceremonies!)
Guests gathering before the ceremony starts...
The guests patiently await the arrival of the bride and groom... little did they know that they were actually not coming down the aisle from the lodge! (They snuck away in a truck down the road!)
Guests still waiting for the bride & groom (Groomsmen knew exactly what was happening :) haha!)
Lori and Alan surprised everyone by walking into the ceremony from down the road!
Lori had the idea to open up a time for any of their guests to have their family photos taken!  I loved the idea!  So Bianca and I were busy... but everyone was dressed up so nicely and we had perfect light - how could you not want to take family photos of everyone!?  (Here's just a few faves... the rest of the friends & family photos can be found HERE!)
We didn't spend too much time taking wedding photos, because Alan & Lori wanted to spend more time with their family & friends.  But it was perfect... the area surrounding the lodge had a great bridge and forest area just perfect for some quick Bride & Groom portraits and group photos with the wedding party!
Now to the reception!  Alan & Lori's reception was held inside the Minnekhada Lodge... and it was unreal!  The decor and tables were amazing and the lodge itself had an amazing heritage look and style to it... it made the wedding very classy and elegant.

Minnekhada Lodge (Coquitlam, BC)
a Guest Bench!  Everyone signed the bench with markers!
Amazing arrangement of cakes!
Here's a few photos from the reception... I can't post everything because this blog post is already getting quite long!!!  But you can see ALL of the wedding photos HERE!
And to end off the wedding post with something I've never encountered yet at a wedding...a bear! We were packed up and ready to go, and were just heading out of the lodge when I looked up to see a bear looking down at us from the top of the cliff next to the lodge! :)

He slowly headed over towards the road and parking lot (where we needed to go....) so the groom, groomsmen and a few other guests walked down the road to see where the bear was headed too.  I managed to get these photos of it as it walked out into an open area just above the parking lot!

Perfect weather, family and friends celebrating and a gorgeous location... and a bear!  Lori and Alan's wedding was amazing to photograph and I was honored to be a part of it as the photographer!

Congratulations Lori & Alan!

All Images © 2015 Cecilia Flaming


VENUE: Minnekhada Lodge, Coquitlam BC

PHOTOGRAPHER: Cecilia Flaming

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