October 2, 2014

Aaron & Danielle: City in the Park // Heritage Hall Wedding

Aaron and Danielle's wedding took place beginning of this month on a gorgeous, sunny Friday!  I really love all the personal touches that they both added into their wedding... from the jewelry, to the centrepieces, and guests having the chance to play Mario Kart during their reception! (You'll see what I'm talking about as you go through their photos) :)

Aaron and Danielle first met through an online dating site... they were a 99% match! :)  They got engaged on vacation while visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  After walking around for a few hours, Aaron found a quiet place and they sat on a ledge overlooking a pond.  Danielle started looking through their photos captured from that day and Aaron started talking about the various adventures they had been on together... when she looked up he was pulling out the ring! :)

The morning of their wedding I headed over to the Metrotown Hilton where Danielle, the bride, was getting ready.  Danielle was joined by her mother, maid of honor and two bridesmen at the hotel.  Hair and makeup were just finished, so it was a perfect time to get some details and then photos of her getting into her dress along with the final touches...

Meanwhile, Angy, my assistant was over at the Groom's apartment taking getting ready photos of the guys!  Thank ypu Angy for capturing these shots!

Aaron and Danielle chose to have a First Look and all of their photos done before their ceremony... so everyone met up at City in the Park.  This location is amazing and such a great place for photos!  The gardens at City in the Park are inspired by Hampton Court and Versailles and have an amazing staircase feature.

This was the first time Aaron got to see his gorgeous bride!

I want to give out a big THANKS to the whole wedding party for being so patient, cooperative and such great sports in front of the camera - it was great working with all of you and you all looked fabulous!  The blue dress and accents really stood out and looked amazing!

And now for some of my favourites of Aaron & Danielle!

Aaron & Danielle scouted out a "secret spot" for some of their bride & groom phoots in a forest area - it was right across the street from City in the Park!  You would have never guessed that this spot was right behind the tall apartment towers in the area... it was a gorgeous setting and we found an amazing tree to incorporate in their photos.

After all of their photos were captured, it was now time to get MARRIED! :)

The rest of the wedding day was spent at Heritage Hall.   Heritage Hall is a historic and elegant venue in Vancouver, a perfect setting for their wedding.  I loved the atmosphere of the hall... it's a grand scale, huge windows, stained glass chandeliers and pillars that made their ceremony and reception more "magical".

For their reception we stayed at the same location!  The reception took place at Heritage Hall... it was decorated beautifully along with personalized centerpieces that matched their interests and hobbies!  Different centerpieces were themed after "Dr. Who", "Transformers", "Harry Potter" and the "Justice League" and many more... it was really creative!

Now it was time to cut the cake... a Mario Kart wedding cake!  Love how Aaron and Danielle tied their hobbies and interests into their wedding decor and the cake! 

I loved that they set up Mario Kart during the reception so that family and friends could play if they weren't dancing or having fun at the photobooth! :)

Congratulations Aaron & Danielle on your marriage - hope you had an amazing honeymoon and felt blessed by all of the family & friends who celebrated with you on your wedding day!

All Images © 2014 Cecilia Flaming

To see more photos from Aaron & Danielle's wedding, visit their online gallery HERE! 


Assistant Photographers: Angy Townson, Bianca Henderson

Bride Getting Ready Location: Metrotown Hilton
Makeup & Hair Stylist: Mink Makeup + Hair
Bride's Dress: Romantic Bridals // Ruby Bridal
Bridesmaid's Dress: Ruby Bridal
Bridal Party's Accessories: Etsy 
Mens' Attire: Tip Top Tailors

Photography Location: City in the Park
Ceremony & Reception Venue: Heritage Hall
Officiant: Doug Cameron
Photobooth: Hoopla Photobooth


  1. A fabulous unique wedding for a fantastic granddaughter and her spouse; and now they are sporting a baby bump! "Who could ask for anything more?" Love, GMa and GPa Irvine

  2. Stunning!!! I like the blue details! A very wonderful wedding.