June 5, 2014

Photographers' After Hours Party // Santa Barbara, CA

I thought I had lost photos from the last part of my trip to Santa Barbara, but I just recently found my missing CF card!   So, I know these are being posted really late...but they were so much fun to take I still wanted to share!

This wasn't an "official" shoot from my time at the United Conference in Santa Barbara, but it's more the result of what happens when a bunch of photographers get together for a party!

By the the last evening, the conference was officially over and some attendees had already checked out and others caught their flights home.  There was still a bunch of us that weren't leaving till the next day, so Matt Roberts, a local photographer from Santa Barbara, opened up his studio again!  (You may remember the Late Night Studio Shoot that I posted already on the blog!)  Well, Matt invited anyone who was interested to hangout and have a party at his studio to end off the week.

When a bunch of photographers get together it can turn into a spontaneous shoot!  The few of us that were there the night before for the Late Night Studio Shoot ended up setting up the studio lights again and this time shot each other!  Some of us got some amazing fun new headshots while others went a different route, got creative or "silly"... well, you'll see as you look through the photos.

Thanks to all of the awesome photographers who got infront of the camera!
Timothy Eyrich (L), Mycah Burns (R)
Keith Powell (L), Timothy Eryich (R)
Amanda Walker
Jordan Demos
Julie Wilmes
Trevor Dayley (hiding behind), Timothy Eryich
Field & Karie Denny

Mycah & Bobby Burns
Julie Wilmes
Amanda Walker
L to R: Jeremy Ellsworth, Erik Neperud, Keith Powell, Field Denny and Christina Blanarovich

All Images © 2014 Cecilia Flaming

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