June 18, 2014

Janzen Family // Campbell Valley Park

A couple weeks ago I had the chance to photograph the entire Janzen Family!  (extended family).  We met up in the morning at Campbell Valley Park in Langley, BC and had perfect weather... not too sunny or bright, but enabled us to go anywhere we want.

They were all fantastic in front of the camera... especially the grandkids, Logan & Lynden!  :)  They were such cuties.

Here's some favourites of mine from their family session...

The entire Janzen Family: Lindsay, Wes, Lynden, Susie, Peter, Jennie, Stefan, Logan and Vicky
Peter & Susie taking a stroll through the park... 
The cutest grandsons!  Lynden & Logan.
Photos with grandparents!
Wes & Lindsay with their smiley son, Lynden.
Stefan & Vicky with their adorable son, Logan (check out his bowtie!)
Jennie with her parents, Peter & Susie
Siblings!  Jennie, Wes and Stefan
LEFT: Jennie with a gorgeous bouquet we found at the park!  RIGHT: Checking out the flowers with Lynden!
More photos with grandsons!
For those Soccer & Paraguay fans out there!  Logan & Lynden wore their Paraguay jerseys while sipping on yerba mate.
Big thanks to the whole Janzen family!  You were awesome to work with!
LEFT to RIGHT: Wes, Lynden, Jennie, Lindsay, Stefan, Logan, Vicky, Susie, Peter

LOCATION: Campbell Valley Park, Langley BC

All Images © 2014 Cecilia Flaming

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