June 6, 2014

Weekend in Walla Walla, WA // Road Trip!

In April, Steve and I took some time off and headed on a road trip down into the States to a place called Walla Walla, WA.  You may have already seen my post from the Nocking Point Wines Launch Party that we attended while there, but here's our photos from the whole trip!  It was great getting a chance to see a part of Washington that we've never been to before and get to explore some new places!

Meanwhile as you enjoy these photos I'm currently editing a couple family sessions from last weekend!  You'll see some photos from their sessions this weekend!

We had to stop by Martin Archery... since it's based out of Walla Walla! 
Saturday we were rested up from driving and spent time exploring downtown Walla Walla and exploring the nearby countryside.  While walking through Walla Walla, it started to remind us of Gastown in Vancouver!  
The Marcus Whitman Hotel is probably the tallest and oldest building in Walla Walla (below left).  It was historic and looked amazing inside!  One of our favourite places to eat was at Olive Marketplace & Cafe (below right)... if you get the chance to visit Walla Walla, definitely try their pizza!
 Of course we always find the local Starbucks... :)  
 Another awesome place to eat... the Maple Counter (for breakfast!)...
And the Mill Creek Brew Pub... where we attended the Nocking Point Wines Party later that evening!
Of course I had to take some photos of Steve... with his Duck Commander shirt! haha!
 That evening we attended the Nocking Point Wines Launch Party, hosted by Andrew Harding & Stephen Amell... if you want to see more photos from the party, click here!
 L to R: Andrew Harding, Steven Flaming, Cecilia Flaming, Stephen Amell
I was pretty excited to get my copy of Arrow (Season 1) signed by Stephen!  We also got a lot of "swag"!  Wine, Coffee, Wine Glasses and more!
The next morning we set off to drive back home to BC...
We made a stop at a look out point at Wanapum Dam... it was a great view!

All Images © 2014 Cecilia Flaming

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