April 4, 2014

10 Yards of Fabric, Models + the Beach // Santa Barbara, CA

On the last day of UNITED, during my week in Santa Barbara, I finally got my chance to take photos at sunrise!  Although I only had about 4 hours sleep (thanks to being out super late at a studio shoot the night before!) I didn't have much trouble getting up early and was even out of my hotel room 30 min earlier than needed.

I took a walk along the beach and area around the Fess Parker Doubletree hotel before the shoot started and was able to capture some gorgeous images of the beach and landscape.

This sunrise shoot was called "10 Yards of Fabric, Models and the Beach"...and that's literally the description.  We had 3 lovely ladies model for us, Amanda, Aurelie and Elodie (you may recognize some of them since they modeled for other shoots earlier that week!) and each of them had a different version of the 10 yards of fabric, Amanda in a white wedding dress, Aurelie in a red dress and Elodie wearing a short dress and holding a long bridal veil to flow behind her.

Rochelle and Timothy (2 fantastic photographers!) lead this shoot and even gave us a demonstration on how to wrap the fabric and "whip it" inside the lobby before heading across the street to the beach.  Getting the shot involved a LOT of running around with the fabric!
It was a bit windy... which worked to our advantage here and there, but after a couple attempts I checked out some of my images and was super excited for the results.  I LOVE how the fabric flowed across the image and the models were fantastic at posing and braving the windy morning.  (It was a bit cold for them!).

Thank you to Rochelle for teaching and sharing her 10 Yards of Fabric shoot to us!
Also thanks to Timothy who did a lot of the grunt work holding the fabric and running around on the beach for us to be able to get the shots!

All Images © 2014 Cecilia Flaming


Production Coordinator: Kristin Renee
Hair Stylist: Jen Araya
Makeup Artist: Cassidy Zellmann

Amanda Walker (white dress)
Aurelie McKaig (red dress)
Elodie Michon (short bridal dress)

Amanda's Hairpiece & Bouquet: Embellishment Floral Design Studio
Wedding Skirt for Amanda provided by: Stacy Childers
Aurelie & Elodie's Florals: Rincon Floral

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