February 3, 2014

Red Bull Illume Exhibit // 2014 Vancouver Tour Stop

Friday evening, Steve and I had a chance to head downtown via Skytrain and attended the Opening Night of the Red Bull Illume exhibition at the Jack Poole Plaza (Convention Center West, Vancouver).

The Red Bull Illume exhibition showcases the top 50 finalists from an action and adventure sports photography competition held by Red Bull.  Vancouver is the only stop for this tour on Canadian soil, so it's awesome that we had the chance to check out the photos!  A few Canadian photographers are included in the top images: Scott Serfas, Jussi Grznar, Sterling Lorence and Dan Carr (we even had a chance to meet some of them along with a couple of the athletes featured in the shots!).

The exhibit is still on till February 8 and starts daily around sunset. (I highly recommend you go and check it out if you have the chance!)  Here's a few candid shots Steve and I snapped while we were there...

All Images © 2014 Cecilia Flaming

To see the winning photos and finalists, visit Red Bull Illume.  There are some AMAZING shots!  I love looking at them over and over... Definitely gave me a lot of inspiration and ideas for my own photography!

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