January 31, 2014


I realized this week that I completely forgot to post my Currently for the beginning of January... oops!  So instead of the first day, we'll mix it up and post it on the last day of the month! :) 
It's been a whirlwind so far for 2014 (which is great, not going to complain!).  

We've been busy with revamping some of our marketing materials, updating the website and meeting up with engaged couples!  I am super excited for the weddings we have booked already this year!  2014 is looking to be an adventurous and fun-filled year!

So here goes nothing, better late than never... 

Reading. 2 books at the moment, “Trust Me, I’m Lying” by Ryan Holiday, and “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.
Writing. Future blog posts.
Listening. the Art of Flight soundtrack.   
Thinking. about snowboarding.  Bought new DC Judges boots and I want to try them out on the local mountains! :)
Smelling. Chai tea.  
Wishing. for spring/summer weather.  It's a bit dreary with our Vancouver rain.
Hoping. to start a new personal photography project this weekend.
Wearing.  Hoodie and Lululemon pants. 
Loving. meeting with bride & grooms for this next wedding season!  This year my couples are definitely the creative types… the details and ideas for their weddings are amazing! 
Wanting.  To be at the United 2014 conference already!  (Can it please be February 23 already?! I can't wait!)
Needing.  a nap!  I just yawned about 10 times in the last few minutes. :) lol.
Feeling.  Content. Happy. 
Clicking. Amazon.ca 

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