December 18, 2013

Christmas Time!

December can get CRAZY.  It's my downtime for shooting weddings, which then in turn is the BUSY time with family and friends for Christmas!

One thing I love about getting ready for Christmas is putting up our Christmas tree!  I'm embarrassed to say that last year we never got around to it... we were in Mexico at the beginning of December and by the time we got home, it was so busy and before I knew it Christmas was done.  So this year I made a point at the end of November to haul out the Christmas decorations and make sure they made an appearance...

Every time I pet Mocha I find glitter on his head!  (We have a lot of "sparkly" ornaments that he's fond of). And I even caught him eating tinsel while I was putting together the tinsel backdrop for the photo booth I made a couple weeks back for our Shoot & Share Vancouver Christmas Party.

We tried taking a couple shots with Mocha in the tinsel photo booth.. and it "sort of" worked out. :)  Here's the results...

All Images © 2013 Cecilia Flaming

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