January 1, 2014

2013 // Behind the Scenes

2013 was awesome!  I can't believe how many weddings and sessions that took place... It was a year full of learning, experience, fun, adventure, laughter and a lot of photos taken!  

Here's a little behind the scenes post from some of the many weddings and sessions that took place over the past year.

Sometimes I have Steve stand in a shot to check out the light...
I guess Steve thought he had to have the "pregnant" look with a camera bag to get this shot just right... After all, we were shooting a maternity session! :)
 Here's a fun shot of a little cutie who wasn't camera shy... in fact she ran right up to my camera! 
 My assistants were awesome at weddings... they even captured some fun behind the scenes shots, I had no clue Melissa took this as we were walking towards the ceremony at Mayfair Lakes.  Thanks Melissa!
Photo Credit: Melissa Page
The best thing about having an Assistant at a wedding is that we have some fun by taking photos of each other... (We think we're cool by doing this) :) hehe.
 Thanks to Melissa for this candid while we were shooting in Gastown, Vancouver with Norm and Gloria! 
Photo Credit: Melissa Page
 You never know what to expect on a wedding day... sometimes you even make new friends! This cowboy insisted on having his photo taken... 
 Seriously, you never know what you might see... :) Love it!
 I even let clients try out awkward poses... (j/k, she did this as a joke!) I will always help out and direct posing if needed. :)
Photo Credit: Steve Flaming
 See, what did I tell you?! We ALWAYS make new friends during weddings... including forest animals.  Alyssa with a rabbit. :)
 This little girl was adorable... she wanted to meet the princess! (AKA the bride) :).  (She told Larissa, the bride that she looked like a princess)
 And just when you think you're done with photos, you have a photo-op with a Soon-To-Be-Bride during her Bachelorette Party!!
 I put my Assistants through the ropes this year... it's tough work. You may have seen them hanging from the trees or getting blindsided by the off camera flash during a reception. :)  Does Alyssa look like she's having fun? Definitely not, it's rough work. :)
 Once again, I put Alyssa's modeling skills to the test to set up the Off Camera Flash... :)
  We discovered the next DANCE STAR! Watch out for this cutie, she may show up on Dancing with the Stars before you know it! :)
 I had the chance to take photos at pretty places, like the beach!!!
Photo Credit: Jodie Hadden
Below, Jodie and I are working out our game plan for shooting the Ceremony... Thanks to Steve for this photo!
Photo Credit: Steve Flaming
Something new for 2013... I "enlisted" Steve this year.  He's came along as an assistant shooter and carried quite a few camera bags and bridesmaids' purses this summer!
 Sometimes I looked very serious... It's serious business :)
Photo Credit: Laura Rosten
Photo Credit: Laura Rosten
 Thanks to Laura for these shots from Emma and Lyndon's wedding! 
Photo Credit: Laura Rosten
 I also had the chance to take photos of my assistants... sometimes they don't notice. :)  Below is Laura (left photo) and Jessica (right photo). Both of these ladies were superstars!
Steve took this shot from the balcony during Nathan and Vanessa's gorgeous Chilliwack wedding...
Photo Credit: Steve Flaming
 Shooting the groom with his groomsmen!  Thanks to Jessica for these photos below!
Photo Credit: Jessica Dherari
 Steve performing a highly technical stunt = holding the branch out of my way to get the shot! (Otherwise I'd be wearing a few extra leaves in my hair) 
Photo Credit: Jessica Dherari
 I also tried to take photos of my husband when he wasn't looking... hehe.  I felt like a spy. :)
 Here's a couple behind the scenes shot from a Model Photography Workshop I had the chance to attend this fall!  It was amazing to be able to work in a studio environment... Thanks to David Falk for teaching!
The gorgeous Kyra modeling for us...

All Images © 2013 Cecilia Flaming

A big THANK YOU to all of the amazing photographers who assisted at weddings this year!

Steve  // Cecilia Flaming Photography

and another huge THANK YOU to my clients who are the best clients ever :)  You made my year such a blast! I feel so blessed to have such amazing clients! 

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