September 5, 2013

Wedding Obsession: Featured!

Wow!  This feature is a bit of a blast from the past.  In fact this wedding was my very FIRST wedding that I shot as a main photographer for my studio! (I had assisted on many weddings by then for other photographers, but this wedding was my baby and I still love the photographs we captured that evening!).

Jesse and Alayna were an amazing couple to work with, so easy going, cute together and their Brock House Restaurant wedding was romantic, emotional and so much fun to shoot!  

Wedding Obsession featured their wedding in 2011 on their site and now they've revisited it!  Today they featured a couple shots of the flowers that were part of their wedding, specifically the Bride's boquet and the Groom's boutonniere.  

You can check out the feature HERE!  It's neat to see photos from when I started still surfacing around on the web.  
Thank you to Wedding Obsession for the revisit.  I can't believe anyone still looked at my earlier weddings!

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