August 6, 2013

The Ring Shot: Macro Lens

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!  

I hope all of my BC friends had a great Long Weekend.  This past Sunday I had the privilege of shooting John & Leigh-Ann's wedding at Barkley Brooks and I can't wait to share their wedding photos! (did you see their sneak peek yet?).  Today I'll be in the office editing away. 

Recently a few people have asked me what lens I use for taking ring shots.  I use a Nikon 60mm 2.8G ED lens.  What this lens is specifically made for is macro photography (taking close up photos of small things).  I have been shooting with the 60mm for a couple years now and found it's great for wedding dresses, rings, shoes and other details that you want to get up close with. 

Here's one of my latest ring shots, taken a couple weeks ago.  This was actually not taken at a wedding, but on our camping trip!  I was out taking photos of flowers and ended up experimenting with my own wedding ring for some ring shots. :) 

There are many other things you can photograph, other than rings, but a macro lens is definitely an essential in any photographer's bag.  I've found I can even get some decent portrait shots out of it.  

Macro lenses let you get up nice and close (like 2 inches away) when you want to focus on one item or make the wedding ring the star of the show. :)

Here's some shots from our recent camping trip taken with the 60mm macro lens... just to give you an idea of what other kind of shots you can get!

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