August 30, 2013

Cromb Family: Preview!

Last weekend I had the chance to photograph the Cromb Family!  I wanted to share a preview of their photos and what I'm working on.  
You may recognize them from a couple of their previous family sessions, when Hudson was one, and when Ayden was a few months old last summer.  
Here's a few favourites of mine so far... more photos will be posted soon! 

August 26, 2013

We got to be Wedding Guests!!! // Taylan & Sydney's Wedding

This past weekend we had a break from photographing weddings and got to be guests at a wedding!!!!  Steve's cousin, Taylan got married!

Taylan and Sydney had their wedding on a private property in Ladner, BC and it was a perfect setting for their wedding day.  The venue had a cute heritage house, gorgeous gardens and a rustic barn along with horse stables!  (they also board horses there!).  Here are some candids I took throughout the day for fun... a lot of the photos are our family (niece & nephew) and of course I can't resist taking some detail shots and some of the horses!  It was great spending time with our extended family and having the chance to relax and enjoy the wedding.  (Make sure to check out Taylan & Sydney's gorgeous wedding photos by The Nickersons... CLICK HERE! They are a husband and wife photography team that did an amazing job and worked late into the night! :)

Congratulations on your marriage Taylan & Sydney!  May God bless you both as you start off a new chapter in your life.  Your wedding was gorgeous. :)

My nephew and Mother-in-law :)
Sydney & Taylan getting married! (I made Steve snap one shot during the ceremony from our seats) :)
The amazing tent and decor...
My Sister-in-law and nephew visiting the horses... 
LEFT: a horse.
RIGHT: the groom... aka our cousin Taylan. (Thanks for the interesting pose!)
The guys all arrived to the ceremony in these cars!  Steve was quite fond of them... 
Us!  We definitely enjoyed being guests at the wedding! :)
My adorable niece. :)
My nephew who's always up to something! :)
LEFT: Tay and Syd's first dance
RIGHT: They had a campfire! (with smores!!!)
Congrats again Sydney & Taylan, we were excited that we could attend and celebrate with you on your big day! 

August 23, 2013

Done Brilliantly: Featured!

I am excited to share with you today that one of my family sessions has been featured on Done Brilliantly this morning!

This session is actually from last summer... I had the chance to photograph the Page Family when I spent a weekend on the Sunshine Coast.  I was there to work with Melissa for one of her weddings, and the next morning I photographed her family.  We spent the first part of the morning at their house and then headed out to Davis Bay Park to get some cute shots of Jody & Melissa, their 3 children and their dog Minnow. :)

Visit Done Brilliantly to see the Page Family featured HERE!

Thank you to Done Brilliantly for the feature!

August 18, 2013

Lyndon & Emma: Wedding Preview!

Yesterday I photographed Lyndon and Emma's wedding and it was gorgeous!  I had such a fun time starting off the day with the ladies getting ready, the ceremony, photos at Campbell Valley Park and ending off the evening with a reception at the groom's family's home.  Here are just a few "sneak peek" favourites of mine from our afternoon at Campbell Valley Park in Langley! 

Congratulations Lyndon and Emma on your marriage... can't wait to post more photos soon!

August 17, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday Steve!

Happy 30th Birthday to my husband Steve! 
We have 3 events happening today to celebrate... the first being it's my husband's 30th birthday!  The next 2 are weddings!  One of our cousins is getting married today (Josh & Alyssa) and I'm photographing another wedding (Emma & Lyndon)!  All around it will be a busy and fun day.  

Since I ended up working on my husband's birthday... and he's attending a wedding on behalf of both of us, we celebrated his birthday a little early and had a party for him last weekend.  It was great having so many of our friends come over and I wanted to share some fun photos from our evening... partially because some of them had pretty impressive outfits to match the theme!

The theme of the party was Camo // Duck Dynasty.  Anyone could wear camoflauge or dress like one of the guys from Duck Dynasty.  If you haven't seen the show on A&E, Duck Dynasty is a reality tv series that shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family-run business Duck Commander.  Steve and I watch it a lot and another season just started off this past week.

Big thanks to Melissa of Sweet Addictions for creating the fantastic camo cupcakes... they looked and tasted great!  If you are ever looking for cupcakes or a wedding cake, Melissa is the girl to contact! :)

Here's a few shots of the decor and then fun photos from our camo backdrop photobooth.  Thank you to all of our friends who came out to celebrate Steve's 30th birthday and to those that wore camo and beards! 

Duck Dynasty Tshirt (Steve) - Wholesale Sports Outfitters
Cupcakes - Sweet Addictions
Photo Booth Props - Handmade by Cecilia Flaming

August 13, 2013

John & Leigh-Ann: Just one more... preview post!

Ok, so I admit... this is the second "preview" post from John & Leigh-Ann's wedding, but I can't help it!  I am currently working on their photos this week and had to post a few more :)  
I love the sunflower bouquets! (sunflowers are my favourite flower!) and isn't Leigh-Ann stunning?! (John looks handsome too!).
Here's a few more favourites from their wedding at Barkley Brook.

August 11, 2013

Happy 1st Anniversary: Mike & Jessica

Happy Anniversary Mike & Jessica!

Last year, August was one of my busiest months for weddings and portrait sessions... so there's a lot of anniversaries lately to celebrate! Today is Mike and Jessica's 1st wedding anniversary!

Their ceremony at Trethewey House in Abbotsford was lovely... I love shooting outdoor weddings with gorgeous sunlight! :)  If you want to see their wedding photos, click on the link below! 

August 6, 2013

The Ring Shot: Macro Lens

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday!  

I hope all of my BC friends had a great Long Weekend.  This past Sunday I had the privilege of shooting John & Leigh-Ann's wedding at Barkley Brooks and I can't wait to share their wedding photos! (did you see their sneak peek yet?).  Today I'll be in the office editing away. 

Recently a few people have asked me what lens I use for taking ring shots.  I use a Nikon 60mm 2.8G ED lens.  What this lens is specifically made for is macro photography (taking close up photos of small things).  I have been shooting with the 60mm for a couple years now and found it's great for wedding dresses, rings, shoes and other details that you want to get up close with. 

Here's one of my latest ring shots, taken a couple weeks ago.  This was actually not taken at a wedding, but on our camping trip!  I was out taking photos of flowers and ended up experimenting with my own wedding ring for some ring shots. :) 

There are many other things you can photograph, other than rings, but a macro lens is definitely an essential in any photographer's bag.  I've found I can even get some decent portrait shots out of it.  

Macro lenses let you get up nice and close (like 2 inches away) when you want to focus on one item or make the wedding ring the star of the show. :)

Here's some shots from our recent camping trip taken with the 60mm macro lens... just to give you an idea of what other kind of shots you can get!

August 4, 2013

John & Leigh-Ann: Wedding Preview!

I had the privilege this afternoon to shoot John & Leigh-Ann's wedding in Langley!  It was a gorgeous day, with lots of family and friends to join and celebrate their big day.
Here's a preview of John & Leigh-Ann's wedding... more will come after I edit them! :)

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. White!

Happy 1st Anniversary: Lasitha & Marcia

Happy Anniversary Lasitha & Marcia!

It's a year today that Lasitha and Marcia had their summer wedding at Old Orchard Hall.  Infact, I remember it being one of the hottest days of the summer!  

You can see photos from Lasitha and Marcia's wedding by clicking the link below:  

August 1, 2013

Baby Isla: Newborn Session

It's August 1st!  And what better way to start off the month with a cute newborn session?
Baby Isla was born on July 12 and a week later she had her first photo shoot for newborn photos. 
You may remember Luke, Lindsey and Emitt from their maternity session and family photos taken earlier this year.  Luke is my brother in law... so baby Isla is our niece! :)
Congratulations Luke, Lindsey and big brother Emitt!  Isla is adorable and a perfect addition to your family.