July 8, 2013

Camping: Thalia Lake

The week before Canada Day Long Weekend, Steve and I went camping!  Our camping has suffered a bit the past couple of summers due to the busy wedding seasons, but this time around it worked out for us so that we could joing my parents for a few days at Thalia Lake.  Thalia Lake is located in the Thompson-Nicola area of BC and there's a lot of lakes in the area with many interconnecting roads... great for exploring! 

I've been to this area many times before over the years, with family, friends and Steve... and Thalia is one of my favourite lakes of the area.  It's perfect for swimming and the campsites usually get a lot of sun!  (so you're not too cold!).  It was definitely a well needed break from home, work and a time to relax, enjoy the outdoors and get away from computers, the TV, and iPhones.  

Our first day it rained.  ALL day.... and ALL night.  We managed to stay dry, thanks to my dad's huge tarp and then, the weather improved for the rest of the week!  

Most of our time was spent hanging around the campfire, visiting, taking photos, relaxing and setting out for daily walks.  The area is very scenic and there's a lot of great camping sites around at the lakes in the area.  (BCFS sites).  Thalia Lake is nestled inside a Pine and Aspen filled forest.  we managed to take some great shots of the lake as well as break out the macro lens for details other than ring shots! :)  I became quite fond of my macro lens on this trip! 

There was quite a bit of wildlife around as well... deer, loons, ducks, eagles, cows (farm life), eagles, chipmunks, hummingbirds and more!  I managed to get photos of some of these as well.

Here's some favourites that Steve and I took throughout the week.  

[above] HDR Shot of Thalia Lake and our campsite
[above] A couple more HDR photographs
[above] all of these taken with my 60mm Macro lens!
[above] HDR photo of Thalia Lake at sunset

I wanted to share some personal photos since we have a bit of a break from weddings till August.  In August this blog will be going crazy!  (I'm so excited about all the couples I get to work with this summer!).  


  1. Very nice pictures! Makes me feel like going camping :)

  2. Lovely place !!
    The Lake looks so amazing ,i think your camping is going to good and enjoying . I like these photographs .