June 17, 2013

Daniel & Launi: Sea Island Wedding in Richmond

I received a call the day before their wedding... they needed a photographer!  Due to unfortunate circumstances, their photographer was unable to shoot their wedding, but glad that I had the opportunity to shoot their intimate wedding. :)

A Big thank you to Jodie from Jodie Hadden Photography who was my assistant for the afternoon!  Thank you for being available on such last minute notice, I had a lovely time working with you. :)

The ceremony was set to take place in a field bordered by some gorgeous tall trees, and across the road from YVR Airport.  It was a small, intimate and lovely ceremony with with balloons as their decor.  Each of the children attending were given balloons to hold. :)

We had talked over the phone the day before, but this was the first time I met the bride, when she arrived and got out of the car.  Now... although the groom was super handsome, his job prevents his face to be shown online, so a lot of these photos will favour the bride... :)  So I apologize... you're not seeing his face on purpose! :)  I wish I could show you some of my favourites!

We had some time before the bride & groom headed out for dinner to take some photos of the two of them at Iona Beach.

Congratulations on your marriage!  Thank you so much for having Jodie and I join your intimate wedding celebration with our cameras. :)


Hair + Makeup: Joanna Keller
Ceremony Location: Sea Island
Photo Location: Iona Beach

Photographer: Cecilia Flaming
Assistant Photographer: Jodie Hadden

June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day... so I chose a photo to share of my Dad! :)
Here's a fun photo I took of him when we were Mexico with my parents this past December!  He planted this palm tree the year before at the resort and it grew!  

Hope everyone gets to celebrate their Father's in some way today!  

June 9, 2013

Daniel & Launi: YVR Sea Island Wedding Preview!

This afternoon I had the pleasure of photographing a wedding on Sea Island, in a field near the YVR Airport and close to Iona Beach.  The ceremony was small and intimate and after we took photos at the beach! :) 

Here's just a few favourites from their wedding day!   

June 3, 2013

Rich & Larissa: Minoru Park // River Rock Casino Resort Wedding

Rich and Larissa met each other through their friends and got engaged in Mexico after two and a half years of Larissa dropping hints to Rich.  :)  If you want to see photos from their engagement session taken early last year in Steveston click here!

For their wedding day we had great weather... their engagement session was super windy! My morning started off in Steveston at the parents of the bride's house where all of the ladies were getting ready.
I arrived to a room full of ladies getting their hair and makeup done, while the movie Bridesmaids played on the TV in the background.
Being there earlier gave me time to take photos of the dress, shoes, bouquets and other details while the ladies were getting ready. 

Meanwhile... my assistant, Alyssa, was over with the groom, Rich and his groomsmen taking getting ready photos as well!  Check out these next few shots from Alyssa!

Back at the ladies house, it was time for Larissa to get into her wedding dress... isn't she stunning?!

Rich and Larissa's ceremony took place at Richmond Pentecostal Church.  This was also the first time Rich would get to see Larissa as she walked down the aisle with her father!  I love seeing the groom's face as they see their bride for the first time.

After the ceremony we headed out with the wedding party to Minoru Park for photos.  Minoru Park is the in the middle of Richmond's City Centre and the park is lovely.  I am surprised I haven't had the chance to photograph any weddings or portrait sessions here yet!  There's a variety of pathways, quiet areas with benches, a small lake, all surrounded by floral displays and trees.  It's also home to a lot of cute rabbits and squirrels!  We were surrounded by bunnies!

Thank to you to the whole wedding party for being so easy going and fun to work with!  The ladies: Kat, Tonia and Eva and the guys: Kyle, Christoph and John, along with Kar and the ringbearer Ashton who were with us the whole day.  You were all so welcoming and friendly and we enjoyed spending the day with all of you.  You also all looked amazing!

The last part of our day with Rich & Larissa was spent at the River Rock Casino Resort for their reception.  The River Rock Casino Resort was a perfect venue for their wedding, the food was amazing and the decorations were beautiful.  I love the colours and decor that Larissa chose for her wedding. 

Congratulations Rich and Larissa on your marriage!  May God bless you as you start a new chapter in your life!  Hope you had a great time in Hawaii on your honeymoon!


Makeup: Tonia Warkentin, Dore Schubert
Hair: by Kaley Pawluck, Bernice's Braid

Wedding Dress: Mori Lee (from The Bridal Gallery)
Bridesmaid Dresses: Enwrapture Vintage
Mens Attire: Moores

Photo Location: Minoru Park
Reception Venue: River Rock Casino Resort

Limo Service: Diamond Limousine
Cake Artist: Charles Massion / River Rock Pastry Chef
DJ: Doug Lucas