March 23, 2013

Norm & Gloria: Gastown Wedding Preview!

I have been anxiously waiting for Norm & Gloria's wedding day to arrive... partially because the first wedding of the season is always exciting, and secondly... Gloria is a friend of mine!  I met Gloria in grade 10 and she also was one of my bridesmaids for my wedding in 2007.  It was an honor to be the photographer for her wedding.

I won't go into lots of details yet about their wedding and how they met... you'll find out about that later... but I will say that this wedding was gorgeous.  Norm & Gloria are perfect for each other and so cute together.

Here's just a few preview shots from our time in Gastown this afternoon.  I promise to post more as soon as I can!

Congratulations Norm & Gloria... hope you have an fantastic time on your honeymoon in Jamaica!

Want to see more? You can check out a few more photos from their wedding sneak peek HERE on their online PASS gallery

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