January 8, 2013

2012: Behind the Scenes

This will be my final post looking back at 2012... I promise!

I wanted to share some "behind the scenes" shots from throughout the year and give a big thank you to a couple of my assistants who worked with me on weddings!

As a photographer I always want to learn more... so I did end up taking a couple workshops/courses in 2012.  It's a fantastic way to build your skill and meet other photographers!  
In the beginning of the year, Steve and I had the chance to learn more about off camera flash and lighting from Paul of PMD Photography.  Here are a couple shots that Steve and I took of each other during that session... 

I was able to attend "Ultimate Shootouts Vancouver", a wedding shootout at Simon Fraser University.  It was a blast shooting with other photographers and having the chance to get creative and experiment with posing without the stress of a wedding day.  Below is a still shot of Melissa (one of my assistants) and I shooting at the shootout!

Melissa Page (one in the photo above with me) is one of my assistants that I have to send a big THANK YOU out for assisting me at weddings in 2012.  She's worked with me the past couple of years and she's super talented!  One neat thing about this past year is that we had the chance to "trade places"!  I headed over to the Sunshine Coast (to Melissa's neck of the woods) for a weekend and assisted her on one of her weddings!

Here's a shot of us both at the Justine Russo Workshop... 
And my collection of Melissa photos from 2012...  
You can check out Melissa's website at: Melissa Page Photo Art
And find her on facebook here!  

Another talented lady that needs a huge THANK YOU as well is Alyssa Waldner!  I had her running around and assisting me in quite a few weddings throughout 2012.  And we had the chance to switch roles too!  I had the opportunity to assist Alyssa at one of her weddings in the fall. :)  
Here's my collection of Alyssa photos from 2012...  
You can see Alyssa's website at: Alyssa Rae Photography
And find her on facebook here!

These 2 ladies are awesome and a huge blessing to be able to work with, but I technically have one more "assistant" to thank!  The last person (but not least) is Steve, my husband.  He does it all for free... but is at most of my engagement sessions or shoots that involve off camera flash... he's the one carrying the gear, holding everyone's Starbucks cups, purses and dragging around light stands for shoots.  You'll recognize him as the tall guy holding the reflector or flash and sometimes shooting from the balcony at weddings.  
Near the end of this past year he even ended up assisting (as a 3rd shooter) at weddings.  One of his photos is also a bride & groom's favourite shot!!! (guess I have some competition now!?)
I love that my husband is excited about photography as well... 
Some final behind the scenes shots from 2012... Thanks to Laura Jensen for the black & white photo below!
Thanks to Steve for getting these shots...

2012 was fantastic, a blast and such a whirlwind!  I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for Cecilia Flaming Photography.  I am getting new wedding inquries a lot lately and shoots are booking up... so I know it's going to be great!

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