December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I know it's still New Year's Eve, but I wanted to wish you all an early HAPPY NEW YEAR!  
This past year has been challenging, exciting and I can't believe how fast it went. I'm looking forward to starting off 2014 with some new goals, exciting ideas and adventures!  
Thank you to all of the amazing couples and families from 2013, I am honored to have been a part of your wedding day, family shoots and more.  This is the best job... ever!  

Hope you have a fantastic start to the 2014 year!

Photo Credit: Kelena Swaan Photography

December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!
Wishing everyone love, joy and peace this holiday season...

Photo Credit: Kelena Swaan Photography (Left & Top Right Phocetos)
Cecilia Flaming Photography (Bottom Right Photo)

December 23, 2013

2013: Year in Review

2013 seemed to breeze by so fast!  You tend to forget how many weddings, families and sessions you shoot until you stop, take a breath and actually look back through all of the photos from the year. 

I'm excited and looking forward to 2014, can't wait to shoot more weddings, couples and families!

Big THANK YOU to everyone who got in front of my camera during 2013.  You all looked fabulous and it was exciting and an honor to document different significant and meaningful events in your lives.  Weddings, engagements, maternity and even some really cute newborns!  

All Images © 2013 Cecilia Flaming

Merry Christmas: from Mocha

Happy Monday morning!  
Christmas is soooo close.... only a couple days away! 
I'm hoping to post some candids later this week from my time volunteering at Help-Portrait in early December, but for today, it's another personal post.  
If you didn't know by now... Mocha is our cat, he's a short haired ragdoll cat and he's always up for attention, even from the camera.  

Apparently he would rather eat the words... 
Wishing you joy this Christmas and Happy Holidays!

All Images © 2013 Cecilia Flaming

December 21, 2013

Snow Day!

Yesterday we had a gorgeous SNOW DAY!  I woke up to see everything covered in white outside our window.  
I had the chance to go out for a walk and take a few photos around our complex... 

All Images © 2013 Cecilia Flaming

December 18, 2013

Christmas Time!

December can get CRAZY.  It's my downtime for shooting weddings, which then in turn is the BUSY time with family and friends for Christmas!

One thing I love about getting ready for Christmas is putting up our Christmas tree!  I'm embarrassed to say that last year we never got around to it... we were in Mexico at the beginning of December and by the time we got home, it was so busy and before I knew it Christmas was done.  So this year I made a point at the end of November to haul out the Christmas decorations and make sure they made an appearance...

Every time I pet Mocha I find glitter on his head!  (We have a lot of "sparkly" ornaments that he's fond of). And I even caught him eating tinsel while I was putting together the tinsel backdrop for the photo booth I made a couple weeks back for our Shoot & Share Vancouver Christmas Party.

We tried taking a couple shots with Mocha in the tinsel photo booth.. and it "sort of" worked out. :)  Here's the results...

All Images © 2013 Cecilia Flaming

December 17, 2013

Shoot & Share Vancouver Group: Christmas Party!

Last week our Shoot & Share Vancouver group had an awesome Christmas Party!!!  

Our Shoot & Share Vancouver group is part of the Shoot & Share community. (Photographer community that have meet-ups, get together, learn, connect, share and build face-to-face relationships with each other... and have tons of fun!)

We recently had a bunch of new people join our Shoot & Share Vancouver group, so it was great to have some new faces at the party!  I love how positive and encouraging this group is, and I'm excited for future meet-ups and shoots.  They are a fun bunch to hang out with and it's great the group is growing!

The party was a blast (of course!).  Wayyy too much food, fun games and lots of photographers to chat with and visit with! Thanks to Matt Kennedy for taking photos... 

Then it was time for the PHOTO BOOTH!  I almost cleaned out all the tinsel from Superstore to make the backdrop... but it was well worth it and made for some VERY SPARKLY photo booth pictures!
Our evening didn't stop there... we also had a SLOW-MO VIDEO BOOTH!  Oh my! :)
We were able to set up a Go-Pro and create this fun slow motion video booth.  Some people got pretty creative with the scenes... I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching this!  This is what happens when a bunch of talented photographers get together for a Christmas Party...
PS. Check out 12:38 for some "epic" sword-fighting between Christy & I and then 13:05 for Laura getting water in her face! 

Thanks to Tyler Olinyk for bringing his Go-Pro and editing the video for us... it's awesome.  

Finally, a group shot from the photographers who attended...(some are missing) It's a super talented bunch! 

Photos by: Matt Kennedy
Slo-Motion Booth: Tyler Olinyk

Matt & Carissa Kennedy - for opening up their home as well as taking photos!  Justine RussoChristy LyleJodie HaddenTaliah Leigh Berger and Tyler Olinyk for organizing, decorating and helping to make this event a blast!  

December 16, 2013

Melissa Hearts Weddings: Featured!

Happy Monday morning!
There are two things I would like to announce this morning...

1.  There's only 9 more days till Christmas! :)
2.  John & Leigh-Ann's Wedding has been featured this morning on Melissa Hearts Weddings!

Looking at their feature makes me wish for that summer warmth again, considering the cold and grey skies we've had lately.  Leigh-Ann is my husband's cousin, so it was a blast to photograph her wedding, and we knew a lot of the guests!  :)
Check out their feature HERE!

December 11, 2013

Flaming Family // Our photos from Kelena Swaan Photography!

It's a record for us!  (Steve and I at least...) This is the 2nd time this fall/winter we have put ourselves on the other side of the camera, this time for family photos!

We booked a family photo with Kelena Swaan Photography for our Flaming family portraits (Steve's whole family!).  If you look wayyy back on my blog to one of my early postings, you will see Kelly and her husband in a trash the dress shoot! (click here!).  She now has become a talented photographer herself and came out to my parents-in-law's farm to take photos of all of us together.

Thank you so much Kelly for coming out to Ladner and working your magic with us!  We absolutely LOVE the photos you captured and finally have professional photos of the whole Flaming family together. :)

Here's a few of my faves!

All photos taken by: Kelena Swaan Photography

PHOTOS BY: Kelly Swaan of Kelena Swaan Photography
LOCATION: Private Residence, Ladner BC

December 3, 2013


It’s time for another Currently already!  I can’t believe November has already come and gone.  So here's my Currently for December... 

Reading.  I honestly haven’t had a chance to read lately, but there’s a pile of novels sitting on my nightstand waiting…  
Writing. A shopping list. 
Listening. Wrapped in Red by Kelly Clarkson.
Thinking. About Help-Portrait Abbotsford.  It’s taking place this Saturday, can't wait! 
Smelling. French Vanilla Coffee.  So good.
Wishing. For snow.  More snow = more snowboarding. :)
Hoping. That the weather cooperates this weekend.  We are having our extended family photos taken by the lovely Kelena Swaan Photography!  So excited and a bit nervous to be on the other side of the camera... 
Wearing.  Sparkly gold shoes and lots of layers (cardigan, scarf, etc).  It's a bit chilly!
Loving. Sunshine.  It’s chilly, but the sunshine has come out for the afternoon and it’s gorgeous outside. 
Wanting.  More Christmas decorations... We put up our tree on Sunday and I realized we need some more "pizazz" for our house.  I'm on the hunt this week for something to add to our place...
Needing. To go somewhere warm... Mexico, Cuba, Hawaii... anywhere will do.  I feel the need to defrost.
Feeling.  Busy.  We’re in the 3rd day of December and it’s already busy!

Clicking. On facebook... catching up with groups and events.

November 27, 2013

Steve & Cecilia // Our Photos from Shoebox Photography!

It's that dreaded moment when you realize you have to be on the other side of the camera... oh boy.  We hadn't had any photos of ourselves (taken by another photographer) since 2010 and it was time to get some new ones for the website and our Christmas cards!

In November Steve and I had our photos taken by the lovely Melinda Werner of Shoebox Photography.  Now, you may think that being a photographer makes it easier to have photos taken of yourself, but that's not always the case!  We definitely needed direction from Melinda as she worked her magic.

It was a great learning experience... and helped us think about how our clients may feel in certain circumstances... sometimes their engagement session or wedding may be one of the first times they get professional photos done and that can make you feel awkward (like me!) or uncomfortable in front of a camera.

Here's a few of my faves taken by Shoebox Photography!  Thank you so much Melinda for the amazing photos!

All photos taken by: Shoebox Photography

PHOTOGRAPHER: Melinda Werner of Shoebox Photography
LOCATION: Barnet Marine Park, Burnaby BC

November 25, 2013

Shoot & Share Magazine // Featured!

I'm excited to share this morning that one of my images has been featured in the Shoot & Share Magazine!
The Shoot & Share Magazine is a monthly photography magazine and digital publication that shares photography tips, photo features, articles, videos and more.

My photo featured is from the Page Family's session, taken in their home in Sechelt, BC, right in their bedroom.  It was one of my favourite family sessions from last year and I'm excited to see that it continues to get attention! :)

The photo is featured alongside other amazing family portraits in a featured called "10 Family Portraits to Inspire You".

Click HERE to see the online version now!

Page Family

November 22, 2013

Brad & Sarah // Derby Reach Engagement

Brad and Sarah are friends of ours... and it made this engagement session a lot of fun!  This past summer they were engaged and will be getting married in the oh so sunny Mayan Ruviera, Mexico in March of 2014. (I'm already wishing for that warm weather now!)

We met up on a Sunday morning in October at Derby Reach Regional Park.  Derby Reach lies along the Fraser River just west of Fort Langley, BC.  I've shot a couple weddings and sessions here before, and wanted to head back for the fall colours.  Thinking I was "brilliant"... I suggested getting up early and capturing shots with the "amazing" sunlight that you get during a sunrise... Only, we ended up with a morning full of fog. :)  I guess I should have expected that our typical BC weather would kick in after all of the gorgeous sunshine we've been having this Fall.

Steve, my husband, was along to help out, carry bags, get Zoe's attention and hold the off camera flash when needed.   Brad and Sarah brought their dog, Zoe along to be included in some of the photos and she did so well!

Congratulations Brad and Sarah on your engagement!  It was a lot of fun photographing you both! 

All Images © 2013 Cecilia Flaming