December 29, 2012

Carly & Casey: 2nd Shooting for Alyssa Rae Photography

Just when I thought I had finished shooting weddings for 2012, I had the chance to assist Alyssa Rae Photography for another wedding!  Alyssa's assistant became ill, so as a result, I had the opportunity to second shoot for her.

You may recognize Alyssa because she has assisted me on quite a few of my 2012 weddings this year!  She is an amazing photographer and it was a blast to switch roles and become her assistant this time around.

Carly & Casey's intimate wedding took place at Rowena's Inn on the River in Harrison Mills, BC.  Rowena's Inn is a gorgeous restored English style manor overlooking the banks of the Harrison River on the same property as the Sandpiper Golf Course.  We started off by getting to take photos of all the ladies getting ready in one of the rooms at Rowena's Inn.

The ceremony took place inside on the main floor of the historic inn with close family and friends seated around the living room.  

We were then able to head outside to take photos by Rowena's Inn as well as around the Golf Course and by the Harrison River.  

Below are some behind the scenes shots of Alyssa at work! 
More behind the scenes photos of Alyssa... :)

Oh my goodness... can't get over how amazing and gorgeous the light was!  Carly & Casey, you are one good looking married couple!

Thank you Alyssa for having me come out and assist you for this wedding... I had a blast!

Make sure to check out Alyssa's photos from Carly & Casey's wedding here!

All photos in this blog post were taken by Cecilia Flaming for Alyssa Rae Photography! 

Main Photographer: Alyssa Rae Photography
Assistant Photographer: Cecilia Flaming Photography

December 28, 2012

Our Mexico Vacation: Mayan Riviera // Akumal Beach Resort

You may have noticed that there hasn't been a lot of activity on the blog lately... I was on a break from photography since the end of November to relax, catch up on stuff and enjoy some time off. 

In the beginning of December, Steve and I went on vacation! :)  We escaped our cold BC weather and joined my parents for a vacation at Akumal Beach Resort in Mexico (The resort is about 1 1/2 hours away from Cancun).  
And since it's gloomy and wet outside, I wanted to share some sunny beach photos with you! :)

Our vacation started off with a longer than expected wait at YVR... our departure flight was delayed by 5 hours. :( So what do you do when you have to wait 5 hours?  You walk around the airport. watch a lot of shows & movies on your iPhone, and then take some photos...

We arrived in the middle of the night (2am) at Akumal Beach Resort, but woke up the next morning to the brightest sunshine ever and this amazing view! 

Akumal Beach Resort is between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, and the resort has an amazing beach... LOVE the beach.

You can snorkel right from the beach with sea turtles and lots of colourful fish in the coral reef.  
I managed to get a shot of a sting ray while snorkeling!

While we were walking down the beach from our resort we came across baby turtles hatching in the middle of the day!  (It's quite rare that they hatch in daytime, usually this happens at night).  I managed to get some great video and photos of the turtles as they climbed out of the sand and made their way to the ocean...

Being tourists in Playa del Carmen for a day...

The resort usually has an archery range open, but while we were staying there it was closed because of construction happening on the theatre...  My dad mentioned that Steve and I took an archery course in Canada and a couple of the staff were kind enough to open the range up to us for an hour... :)  Now we can say that we've shot archery in Mexico! 

In the middle of our vacation, we went to a park called Xplor.  This was my Mom's birthday party!   Now if you ever get the chance to go to Xplor, do it... it's a blast!  Xplor is an adventure park that hosts a number of extreme activities.  The park offers 4 different activities: zip lines, amphibious vehicles, rafts and swimming inside underground rivers.   

We got to drive the amphibious vehicles through jungle trails, cross suspended bridges and head into the caves!  

For the zip lines, you see an incredible view of the Mexican Caribbean.  A lot of the zip lines also ended with a water landing inside the cenotes.  

The rafts were interesting... more the view inside the caves.  You use plastic hand paddles on a raft to paddle through the underground rivers and caverns.  The rock formations looked amazing and it was neat to see stalactites and stalagmites.  

We ended off the day by swimming through the underground river through the cenotes... the view was also amazing!  You even end up swimming through some waterfalls!

Back in Akumal Bay...

Shuffle board time!...
My Dad actually planted the palm tree in the below photo! :)  He's sitting with it after a year of growing...

On on of our last days I was able to take out my Nikon D90 (didn't bring the professional camera along) to get some fun shots on the beach and some sunset scenes.  

Hope you enjoyed the photos!  It's starting to make me daydream about the beach, sunshine and warm weather again as I huddle up inside with our miserable rainy weather right now. :) 

Stay tuned soon for another wedding post on the blog!  I'm excited to share photos from a wedding that took place at Rowena's Inn...from my time second shooting for Alyssa Rae Photography... the wedding is gorgeous!

Hope you all enjoyed Christmas time and have a Happy New Year!