November 9, 2012

Fast Family: Preview!

I apologize that this sneak peek is a bit delayed... I'm a bit behind in editing & posting.  This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on Saturday and my 29th birthday on Sunday!
Then when I thought I had time to edit this week... we had a leak in our home and needless to say a lot of plumbers and servicemen have been in and out all day!

Well, I was able to finally edit today while repairs took place on our townhome...

Saturday morning I headed over to the Fast family's townhome to take photos of Marcel & Lena and their son, Aksel.  It was pouring rain outside, so we took a bunch of photos inside their home and headed out near the end of their session to capture some family photos quickly in the rain before everyone got soaked! :)

Here's a couple sneak peek photos from their family session!  More will come later this weekend!

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