September 17, 2012

2011 Chevrolet Aveo: Personal

August was my busiest month this year... I had weddings every weekend and some portrait sessions squished into the mix as well!  (which was fantastic... I can't complain when I get to take a lot of photos!) Well, that is the most inconvenient time to have a vehicle break down, but of course that's exactly when my '97 Tracker started sputtering, stalling and caused me to question whether it was a reliable vehicle anymore to get me to weddings! :)  

I've had my Tracker since 2004, so I can't complain and it's been a good "haul", but it was time and my husband, Steve and I have been spending the past few weeks looking for a car.  

This weekend we finally found "the car" and bought it!  And since it's new, shiny and exciting, we had to take photos of it. :)  So after Saturday's engagement session (sneak peek coming this evening!) we pulled out some speedlights and set up some shots with off camera flash.  

I'm super excited to once again have a new (used) car that's going to get me to weddings and shoots without stalling or having some surprise breakdowns... at least not in the near future. :) Here's some of the shots introducing the newest "member" to our family... a 2011 Chevrolet Aveo LT. 

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