May 29, 2012

BridesView: Featured!

I'm excited to share today that Rick and Kara's styled shoot was featured on BridesView today!  This shoot was organized by Nora and Chris Photography and they opened it up so that other Vancouver photographers could also take part in photographing the shoot!

Rick and Kara volunteered to model as bride and groom and there were some amazing vendors involved as well!  Gillisha Wharf did Kara's makeup, and the wedding cake was designed and created by Melissa from Sweet Heart Cake Designs!

It was great getting the chance to shoot in a part of Vancouver's industrial area... something that's a little different and unique!

Thanks again to Rick and Kara for being such amazing models.  Big thanks to Nora and Chris Photography for organizing the styled shoot.  And thank you BridesView for choosing to feature the shoot!

Check out their shoot featured on BridesView HERE!

May 22, 2012

Website: Redesigned!

I'm excited to share that my website has had a makeover!

I've redesigned it myself using Showit and it officially launched online yesterday!  You may have caught a glimpse of it over the past couple of days, but I didn't want to "officially" announce it until I had a couple friends proof it and check it over for any errors.  After proofing and numerous times of me changing my mind, it was finished this past weekend!

The exciting thing is that you will be able to view my website on ANY DEVICE --> computer, laptop, mobile devices, iPads, iPhones, you name it!  I am so excited that my clients are finally able to see it anywhere without having to wait to get home to their computers.

If you're a photographer looking to revamp your site, check out Showit's site to learn more about how you can customize your own website and be able to be unique and add your own style!  You can easily design your own site without having to pay a lot of money for a redesign.  It's super easy!  (I have no html or programming knowledge whatsoever... it's all visual, basically drag & drop!) .  There are also some fantastic features like plus sites and more that I will share with you in the future.  If you have any questions, let me know!

In the meantime... head on over to my redesigned WEBSITE!

I'd love to hear your feedback on what you think! :)

May 14, 2012

Justine Russo Workshop: Matt & Sylvia

April 21, 2012 I attended the Justine Russo Photography Workshop!   It was Justine’s first workshop and there were 17 of us photographers in attendance.  We started off the day at the Abbotsford Sandman Hotel where Justine  shared throughout the morning her story on how she started and more topics like branding, pricing, shooting, client interaction and more.
Here's a couple shots from the meeting room in the Sandman Hotel...  Cute gift bags & beautiful flowers on our table :)

After lunch we all carpooled over to Gardner Park where her sister had a gorgeous styled wedding table set up for the shoot!  Matt & Sylvia modeled for the shoot and they were fantastic to work with… it must have felt like we were the paparazzi with 18 cameras clicking away! :)
The shoot was filled with details, a designed table, a vintage couch and a gorgeous bouquet!  I loved that the colour theme matched Justine's branding! :)  After the shoot we headed back to the Sandman Hotel where Justine finished off the afternoon with showing us her workflow and editing.

Thank you Justine  for a fantastic workshop.  My head was spinning with information by the end of the day!
Here are some of my photos that I was able to get that afternoon…
Please also check out the list of vendors and people involved (at the end of this post) who helped make the shoot happen! :)
--> Make sure to head on over to Justine's blog to see her whole post of the workshop HERE!

Workshop by: Justine Russo
Event: Justine Russo Workshop

Designer: Chantale Demers
Models: Matt & Sylvia Francisco
Table Setting/Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Linens & Centre Piece: Champagne Dreams
Florist:  Adrienne Ritchie
Hair Stylist: Olivia Grosso
Makeup:  HD Beauty
Couch & Side Table:  Trove Vintage Rentals

To end off the post... I thought I'd share a couple behind the scenes photos from the shoot!  Check out Justine in action!
And I had to through in these two of Melissa! (You may recognize her from some previous posts!  Some photos in Fort Langley and she's second shot for me for a bunch of weddings!)

Matt & Sylvia: Justine Russo Workshop Preview!

This is just a quick sneak peek of a gorgeous couple, Matt & Sylvia!  They modeled for 17 of us photographers for a styled shoot at the Justine Russo Workshop on April 21!    I can't wait to share the rest of the photos!  Justine's sister designed a styled table as well and based them on Justine's brand colours! :)  The full blog post will be up tomorrow... meanwhile you can check out Justine's sneak peek blog post about the workshop HERE!

Thank you Justine for hosting a fantastic workshop... it was great getting to know you and meeting a bunch of new photographers! :)

May 6, 2012

Crescent Beach HDR: Adventures of Steve & Cecilia

Did anyone see the Super Moon last night?  It was awesome!  I didn't have the chance to photograph it, but I have seen some photos by other photographer and they are amazing!  I did however, manage to take some HDR photos with Steve at Crescent beach Friday evening!

We picked up Subway for dinner on the way and ate it at Crescent beach because it was getting dark pretty fast!  It was so windy that we only lasted for like 15 minutes, but we still got some great shots of the beach and moon!  I just edited a few of our shots in Photomatix Pro this afternoon so I wanted to share!

Engaged Wedding Blog: Featured!

Incase you missed it earlier last week, Kyle & Julia's engagement session in Gastown, Vancouver was featured on Engaged Wedding Blog!  They have done a "Sunday Summary" today and recapped on all shoots featured throughout the week... make sure to check it out!  You'll see Kyle & Julia's engagement session as well as some other fabulous photographers on their blog today!