April 29, 2012

Weekend Happenings: Personal

I didn't have any portrait sessions or weddings this weekend... but I thought I would "check in" anyways! :)  This weekend was a relaxing time... and a time to visit and catch up with friends.  Steve and I attended our friends, Randy & Darcey's wedding yesterday!  It was a gorgeous wedding!  I only brought along my point and shoot camera, but I managed to get this cute shot of them shortly before the reception started.  So cute!

Congratulations Randy & Darcey on your marriage!  Steve and I had a fantastic time celebrating with you yesterday and we wish you all the best!

Today is the end of the weekend... and we relaxed, watched some TV and did just about nothing all afternoon.  It was quite nice!   Here's a couple photos of Mocha from this afternoon.  He's always sitting by the window "chattering" at the birds outside. :)

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