April 17, 2012

Styled Wedding Shoot: Coming in June!

You may remember that I've organized a few Relive the Dress shoots in the past... they were a blast!  (You can see some photos of just a couple shoots HERE, HERE and HERE!)

This year, we're doing something similiar, but not.  We're stepping it up a notch!  Styling it up infact!

In the past we've had some props and unique locations, but this time it's going to be a complete styled wedding set up!
Cecilia Flaming Photography has teamed up with  Alyssa Rae Photography and Melissa Page Photo Art to host a Styled Wedding Shoot on June 24, and you have the chance to attend!

What is it?
It will be a styled wedding shoot, complete with wedding decor, table setting and cake... and with 5 models!  (2 couples (brides & groom) and one bride).  The whole event will take place on a farm setting.  So you get a chance to photograph a "mini wedding reception" set up as well as the opportunity to direct and pose some gorgeous people!

For more information...
Visit:  Styled Wedding Shoots! (site no longer works) to see registration details and event info.  The shoot will be capped at 12 attendees, and registration starts April 29, at noon.

PS. We also have some AMAZING prizes donated already from some great sponsors!  The Album Cafe, BluDomain and more!  Can't wait to share with you closer to the day what they are!!!