April 3, 2012

Gastown: Adventures of Steve & Cecilia

A few weeks ago Steve and I spent some time walking around in Gastown, Vancouver.  (I wanted to 'scope' it out for Kyle & Julia's engagment session!) :)  We started out at Canada Place, took a few shots of the fog rolling in over the water and then headed into Gastown for the evening.  There are some fabulous places to take photos all throughout Gastown, if you ever want a session near Canada Place or in Gastown, I highly recommend it!  The brick roads, walls and lights... you can literally take photos there during the day and night, it's always beautiful. :)  Here's just a few photos that Steve and I took!



  1. Fun photos, love the first one with the fog! I love the brick roads in Gas Town! Canada Place looks cool too, even a little shelter from the rain there.

  2. Usefull share, your photographs are amazing, thanks for sharing. keep up the good work, regards Jay