March 19, 2012

Laura + Melissa: Fort Langley Photo Exchange Session

Saturday morning I had the chance to meet up with a couple other photographers, Laura and Melissa.  We spent the morning taking photos of each other!  We met up for coffee at The Village Coffee and Tea Co. in Fort Langley and then walked around to find some good locations.

First to model was Laura Jensen from Laura-Anne Photography.   I love her outfit, her cardigan is one of my favorite colors. :)  And.... can't get enough of her gorgeous eyes!  Laura braved the train tracks as well for some great shots! It was great meeting you, Laura! and looking forward to meeting up again in the future!!! :)
Here's just a couple behind the scenes shots while Laura was shooting Melissa... :)

Next up was Melissa Page of Melissa Page Photo Art!  Melissa is expecting TWINS... and they will be arriving very soon!   I can't wait to see them. :)  You may recognize Melissa from some "behind the scenes" shots I've posted here and there... she's second shot a couple weddings for me (and hopefully will again this year, hint hint!) :)  Well... here is Melissa, gorgeous as always:

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