December 18, 2011

Creative LIVE Video Entry: Zach and Jody Gray

In the end of January 2012,  Creative LIVE is holding a 3 day wedding workshop with ZACH & JODY GRAY!  (Gray Photography).  I have watched many workshops on Creative LIVE and constantly learn something new every time that adds to my photography business, so I loved Creative LIVE to begin with, but... was SUPER EXCITED when Zach and Jody made their announcement!

They are picking 6 students to join them for the 3 days and I would LOVE the chance to attend.  I want to see how they work "behind the scenes" of a wedding... and especially how they set up shots with off camera lighting.  I just started using off camera flash and would love to see how they incorporate lighting to create their dynamic images.

In order to enter, you have to create a short video saying who you are, what you shoot, and why you want to join Zach and Jody at Creative LIVE.  Well, I did it!

This past weekend Steve helped me out and we recorded a few different clips on my D300s.  The funny thing is that we both don't know how to record video (we only take photos!) and I had to spend a week on google and studying How To's to learn how to use my D300s in video mode... and then learn how to edit video clips in iMovie.  Somehow we pulled it off... here's the finished product!

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