November 23, 2011

Thomas & Annie: Ironworks Studios Wedding Shoot

So you've probably seen Jeremy & Janelle and Colin & Andrea's shoots at Ironworks Studios, but I am only half way and there are still 2 more couples to go! :)  Thomas and Annie are the next couple I'd love to share with you...

We had fun experimenting with different poses and ideas with these two.  Annie was even willing to lie down on the floor for a couple shots!  Thank you Thomas & Annie for being such great models and willing to do anything we suggested! :)

Here's my favourite shots from Thomas & Annie's shoot...

Post Wedding Shoot organized by: Ultimate Vancouver Shootouts
Location: Ironworks Studios, Vancouver BC
Makeup by: Jayna MarieSarah Lam
Bouquets by: CC Roa
Shoot Sponsored by: Technicare Printing & LowePro Canada


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