November 18, 2011

Jeremy & Janelle: Ironworks Studios Wedding Shoot

I've decided to have one post for each of the 4 couples that we shot at last Sunday's "Post Wedding Shootout".  First, because I can't narrow down my choices to only a few photos each, and second, they're all so gorgeous they deserve their own blog posts! :)

Today's photos are of Jeremy & Janelle.  They were the first couple I shot at the Post Wedding Shootout organized by the Ultimate Vancouver Shootouts group.  I had the opportunity to experiment with some lightning techniques thanks to Dan & Kat Stone of Stone Photo.   Dan was able to give us a short tutorial on how he sets up his lighting equipment for wedding photos.

Here's my favourite shots from Jeremy & Janelle...

Post Wedding Shoot organized by: Ultimate Vancouver Shootouts

Location: Ironworks Studios, Vancouver BC

Makeup by: Jayna Marie, Sarah Lam

Bouquets by: CC Roa

Shoot Sponsored by: Technicare Printing & LowePro Canada

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