November 13, 2011

Post Wedding Shootout: Ironworks Studios Preview!

I just had to post a sneak peek tonight before I head to bed!  I simply couldn't help but start editing some of the photos from today... :)

Today, I participated in a fantastic "Post Wedding Shootout" at the Ironworks Studios in Vancouver, BC.  It was organized through va few different photographers in a group called Ultimate Shootouts Vancouver.  The shoot was organized by Jason Ho and Derek Cheng (Pure White Studios), Dan and Kat Stone (Stone Photo), and Chris and Gina Chong (Butter Studios).  They helped facilitate the groups this afternoon so that everyone had a chance to practice and direct each couple.

It was a "refresher" to learn new poses, hear each other's tips and ideas and also an opportunity to work with various lighting, natural light and off camera lighting.  I loved catching up with a couple familiar faces and meeting a bunch of new Vancouver photographers!  I held some constraint and only allowed myself to post one photo of each couple that modeled for us today... More are coming later this week!

Thanks to Jason Ho for taking the group photo! - Jaylena Photography ©2011


  1. Great photos! Love the first one especially... it is gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful images - I love the light in the first image and the mood of the second one!