October 13, 2011

Mochaversary: Personal

Mocha + Anniversary = Mochaversary!  Really, I had no idea what to title my post...  so I resort to mushing words together to sound intellectual. :)

2 years ago on Thanksgiving we welcomed Mocha into our home as the newest family member.  He's our "kid".  Mocha was 8 months old and talked non-stop (still does!).  He's a short-haired ragdoll, loves to eat grass, treats, drink water from the tap and growls when the door bell rings (yes, he growls instead of hissing). :)  Mocha was named by his previous owners (even though most of our friends think I named him because I'm addicted to Starbucks and "all things coffee").  We tried choosing a new name, but it suited him well.

Mocha was featured in September on the blog of Two Bright Lights and he is now our "superstar".  Check out his 5 minutes of fame here!  Here's a shot from this past Thanksgiving weekend, we spent a couple days relaxing at home and Mocha is a pro at "relaxing".

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