October 14, 2011

HDR: Personal

I love trying out different types of post processing techniques.  Recently I've had more time to spend with HDR imaging.   [High Dynamic Range imaging].  A great resource for HDR is a software program called Photomatix.  This is purely for creating HDR images.  What you do is take multiple photographs at varying exposure levels, merge the photos in Photomatix and create an HDR image that reveals highlight and shadow detail.

You then can adjust settings to get the look you want and create stunning photographs of high contrast scenes.  HDR images contain a great deal more lighting information than regular images, so you can create some amazing results!

I don't always like to go "extreme grungy" like some examples of HDR photos I've seen on the web, but really it's all your preference and style.   The two photos below are images I've shot recently. I set up my tripod and shot about 7 different exposures to create both images.  Post processing took about a couple minutes with Photomatix!

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