September 20, 2011

Styled Wedding Shoot: Dharma Labs, Vancouver

This past weekend I had the privilege of participating in a styled wedding shoot organized by Nora, a fellow Vancouver photographer.

It was so nice and relaxed... especially when you compare it with a real wedding!  I literally had the chance to be "lazy" and not plan out anything for the day.  I arrived at the shoot with no ideas, no plans, no schedule, just my creativity  eager to begin!  (But trust me, I will come prepared for your wedding should you hire me!).  The only inspiration for the morning was my Starbucks latte that I enjoyed on the road from White Rock to Vancouver... lol.

We were blessed with the typical BC weather, RAIN.  An indoor location called the Dharma Lab, was already chosen as a backup venue.  The Dharma Lab is located in the industrial area of Vancouver on Pandora Street.  Grungy industrial buildings = not your typical wedding portrait!
I was happy to connect Melissa of Sweet Heart Cake Designs with our organizer Nora, and she created a gorgeous wedding cake for the styled shoot.  Seriously, if you need a wedding cake, get in touch with Melissa!

Here's just a few shots of the beautiful wedding cake...
I arrived while the models were still getting their makeup done by Gillisha and the finishing touches were being organized for the details table and indoor set.  Like a typical wedding, I went into "getting ready" mode and took some photos of the "bride" getting her makeup done, the groom getting ready, and more.
For this styled shoot we had 2 couples!  One married couple, Chris & Renee, and another couple who aren't married, but dating, Rick & Kara.  Both couples were fabulous to work with, and I hope they had a great time!  The morning rain did disappear and we were able to take both sets of couples outside to take advantage of the industrial setting.  Garage doors, walls, and my favourite: a grungy mint coloured industrial building wall... you'll see it in near the end of this post in Rick & Kara's photo!

I'll start off by sharing some detail shots, because honestly, what's a wedding styled shoot without a pair of fabulous shoes?!  These are Kara's shoes, from Le Chateau...
Now onto the "bride & groom" photos!  The first couple I shot was Chris & Renee.  They have been married for over 8 years.  Chris even wore his fireman uniform for the shoot!
The next couple I worked with were Rick & Kara.  Now they aren't married, but these two are dating and are gorgeous!  Imagine what they will look like in real wedding photos one day! :)  Thank you Rick & Kara for being such great sports and pretending to be our bride & groom for the shoot.  Kara's dress was actually found at Value Village for $20 by Nora (Nora and Chris Photography).  Fabulous find Nora!
Once again, a big thanks to everyone who organized, helped plan and participated in the shootout!  Thank you Nora for getting the ball rolling and organizing the event, it was great to meet new faces and catch up with a couple familiar ones as well!

Location: The Dharma Lab, 1814 Pandora Street, Vancouver BC
Models: Rick Quinn, Kara McIntyre, Chris & Renee
Cake: Melissa Siemens - Sweet Heart Cake Designs
Flowers: Heimat Farms
Participating Photographers (It was great meeting you!): 
Me! :) Cecilia Flaming -  Cecilia Flaming Photography
Melissa Page - Melissa Page Photo Art
Marla Jenkins - Marla Jenkins Photography
Laura Rosten - Laura Rosten Photography
Nooreen Nathoo & Chris - Nora and Chris Photography

I apologize for the photographers who I've missed! Don't think I managed to collect everyone's business cards! :(  If you're missing, let me know and I'll add you!

Organized by: Noreen Nathoo