September 17, 2011

Rick & Kara: Relive the Dress Preview!

Yes, I really am posting this at 2am. :) I can't help it... every time I have a shoot or wedding, I get super excited about certain photos as I'm backing them up.  You might notice that a lot of "Preview" posts are blogged at night for this reason.

Saturday morning, I joined a few other Vancouver photographers downtown in the industrial block near East Hastings.  Because of the chance of rain (typical BC weather...) we had an indoor location at the Dharma Lab (DH Lab) in one of the industrial buildings.

There were actually 2 couples in wedding dresses & suits for the shoot!  I haven't edited everything yet, so I have one of the couples to share... Rick & Kara.  I'll share more about the shoot, the other couple and all the vendors & photographers involved in the shoot in the post!
Meanwhile, I'll leave you with a fave...

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