September 2, 2011

Done Brilliantly: Curl up with Mocha // Featured!

Mocha (my furry baby) has been FEATURED on Done Brilliantly!  Done Brilliantly is the blog of Two Bright Lights, which is a platform that I use for media exposure.   A lot of my weddings, engagement shoots and trash the dress sessions have been featured on various wedding sites all because of Two Bright Lights!   Now the platform has opened up to more types of photography, other than just weddings, so Mocha finally had his "time in the spotlight".

Guess he finally should get some recognition for all the modeling and "test" shots he's allowed me to take of him!   Anytime I have a new lens or gear, I use Mocha as my test subject... he tends to cooperate more than Steve (my husband). :)


  1. Mocha made such a perfect subject for our first pet feature! He is beautiful and we want to curl up with him :) Any other pets shoots you take - send them our way.

  2. Will do! Thank you so much for featuring Mocha! :)