July 7, 2011

Weekend in Sooke: Personal

June was so jammed packed with back to back weddings and portrait sessions that I was so excited when it finally came to having a few days off!

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I spent the weekend in Sooke, on Vancouver Island.   I won a 2 night stay at the new Prestige Oceanfront Hotel & Resort in Sooke!
The Prestige Hotel opened up in April 2011, so everything was like new.

Sooke is beautiful!  We enjoyed exploring a couple different local beaches (China Beach, Mystic Beach) and walking around town.  Here's a few photos from our weekend adventure...  It starts off with our ferry ride to Swartz Bay, a bunch of photos of the hotel and our hike at China Beach and Mystic Beach/Wolfe Creek (suspension bridge).


  1. Hi Cecilia,

    Glad you enjoyed your stay in Sooke - and nice choice of activities. China and Mystic beaches are two of my favourites. Hope you return soon!

  2. Hi Cecilia,

    I am pleased you enjoyed your stay with us at the Prestige Oceanfront Resort Sooke. The Metropolitan Floor offers beautiful views. Sooke is such a magical place. Hope to have you back as our guest soon!