June 28, 2011

Brian & Grace: Capilano Suspension Bridge Park Wedding

I've stayed up way too late to post this wedding, but I really couldn't wait!  Here's Brian & Grace's wedding at Capilano Suspension Bridge!  I just want to say that Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is an AMAZING venue to take photos at.  The bridge, trees, pathways, there was an endless amount of choices for different shots.

I had the privilege of having a 2nd and a 3rd shooter for this wedding (Yay for Bianca & Melissa!).  It was great to have both of you ladies help out, and I enjoyed shooting with you both!  We all instantly fell in love with Mulan when we met her; Mulan is Grace's dog who was part of the ceremony and wedding photos!  The bridesmaid's dresses were gorgeous, the orange colour was stunning in the dark greenery of the park!  The ladies also brought orange parasols along to match their dresses.


  1. Oooh! I loved her parasol! So pretty! Great work, Cecilia! :D

  2. Thanks! Yes, the bride found them and they matched their wedding perfectly!
    Even the bridesmaids had parasols... I'll have to share a photo of them later this week. :)

  3. These are such great pictures. I can't wait to see more!

  4. Thanks for the lovely pictures! Mulan looks soooo cute :)