April 29, 2011

Will & Kate // A Royal Wedding!

Congratulations to the royal couple, Will & Kate!
This morning I woke up early and went online to find photos from the royal wedding.  I have been waiting to see what Kate’s dress looks like and I loved it!  It was a beautiful gown, bride, wedding, everything was amazing.  I then fell more in love with her evening gown! (Love the sparkly band).  I didn't end up watching it, because I'm shooting a wedding today so I needed my sleep! :)
I’m wondering, everyone who’s had their eyes glued to the TV all morning, was it everything you thought it would be?  What was your favourite moment?

Kate's evening dress is actually my favourite from the 2!  Maybe because it's more modern, but she's gorgeous in both dresses.

Who stayed up late or woke up super early to watch the royal wedding?  I now wish I had!  But I am photographing today so I wanted to be well rested!

That's right!  I'm a shooting my own royal wedding couple; Jesse and Alayna later today at the Brock House in Jericho Beach!  I was so excited to find out they were featured in the Vancouver Sun this morning as one of the BC couples that share a date with royalty!  Check out the article!

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