March 22, 2011

Image Quest BC 2011 Conference // Turning your dreams into reality...

Yesterday I attended Image Quest BC 2011 at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, BC.  I was a bit nervous to attend a photography conference by myself, but I really wanted to go!  I'm also still recovering from an ear infection, and felt a bit awkward that I could barely hear out of one ear... haha.  So I was alone and not feeling 100% but still decided to absorb any information I could.

I cured my early morning tiredness by stopping at Starbucks on the way and took off down the highway towards Richmond.  The River Rock Casino was fascinating.  I loved walking around and checking out all the sights, features and areas of the resort.

My morning at Image Quest BC started off by listening to Jamie Delaine, a local Vancouver Wedding Photographer.  I have followed her work and blog for a while now, so it was neat to meet her in person and hear more about her story and business.  She spoke about "Dreaming Forward" and how important dreaming and gathering inspiration is for your photography business.  "Without taking time to dream, you'll have no idea of how to market yourself".... so true!  

Her advice on allowing yourself to dream, to gather inspiration and how it all connects was awesome.  Basically, without a clear dream, it's hard to come up with a vision for your business.

"Your Dreams = Your Values = Your Brand" - Jamie Delaine

Jamie shared her own ways and experiences on how she "dreamed".  She talked about her vision of what was her dream client, dream experience, then shared how she reached her goals by writing them down and taking "mini" steps to achieve them.  A highlight was getting to meet her afterwards, and you'll have to check out the dorky photo (of me, not her) I took with her. :)

All Images © 2011 Cecilia Flaming

VENUE: River Rock Casino Resort

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  1. cecilia! so great to meet you and have a face to put to the "facebook friend" now! ;)