March 5, 2011

Fort Langley // Photo Walk

A friend of mine, Sarah, recently bought a new DSLR so she wanted to try out a Photo Walk hosted by a local photographer.  We both already knew how to shoot in manual, but thought it would be fun to go ahead and see how another photographer teaches the basics and maybe we'd even learn something new!   I admit it, we basically pretended we didn't know anything (we are so bad). haha.  :)

Well, the photographer was a great teacher (I'm impressed!) and in the 2 hours she went over some basics with a group of us.  Now you can't learn everything you need to know in 2 hours, but it's definitely a great way to start off.

That being said, if you are ever interested in a photo walk, feel free to contact me!  I would LOVE to network with other photographers, whether you are a beginner to advanced, shoot for fun as a hobby or are pursuing it as a career! :)  (I'll even share some tricks I learned from this photo walk if you'd like!)

Here's just a few shots from playing around in Fort Langley during the photo walk...

All Images © 2011 Cecilia Flaming

LOCATION: Fort Langley, BC

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