February 26, 2011

Relive the Dress // Elgin Heritage Park Shoot Preview!

Today was so COLD...it was windy and freezing and SNOWING.  
And you know what else was today?  The Relive the Dress shoot that I organized to take place at Elgin Heritage Park!  A few participants backed out, then I got work that the hair stylist & makeup artist weren't going to show up... they backed out as well and I was starting to dread that the shoot wouldn't happen. 

Well, one of the photographers stepped up and became our impromtu hairstylist (she did a great job!) and the ladies were able to help each other out with makeup.

The day started out at my place, models arrived for hair and makeup and to get dressed.  Occassionally someone would shudder when they looked out the window and saw tiny snowflakes appearing.  A couple hours later everyone had arrived and my living room was packed full of models, photographers and a lot of dresses, props and shoes!     

By the time we arrived at Elgin Heritage Park it already started snowing... and it was clear it wasn't going to back down.  The models braved the cold anyways and we all lasted a couple hours with the occassional break running into the heritage house to warm up our hands!

Thank you to all the models who put up with the cold and helped create so many gorgeous and fabulous photos!  Also a big thanks to the photographers who all came out! (BiancaAndreaAlyssa W.Alyssa S.JacquelineShanna, Sarah, Bella, & Kristy).  Looking forward to seeing everyone's photos!  Here's just a few shots from today... more photos will come later this week!

All Images © 2011 Cecilia Flaming

Location: Elgin Heritage Park, South Surrey BC


  1. Love these Cecilia! The first one is my absolute fave. The hat + boots are so cute on her! Thanks so much for setting this up. It was my first TTD shoot! :)

  2. Thanks Alyssa!
    It was great to have you participate!

    I'll have to plan another one for warmer weather :)