January 19, 2011

Night Street Shot // Personal

I took this photo today on the spur of the moment...totally unplanned.  I was pulling out of the parking lot at my work and noticed the daylight was fading fast.  I have tried taking photos daily... to get more creative and to purposefully LOOK for photos.  

This brought an idea back to one of my classes I took at Pull Focus Film School!  Since this was unplanned, I wasn't really prepared with a tripod, so I created a makeshift "tripod" with my camera bag and sweater on my vehicle and propped my camera against them to take a couple shots while cars passed by.  

I love having light in photos...whether they are lines, blurred or at Christmas time in decorations!  I was aiming to get at least one vehicle driving through the photo and I got a semi-truck. :)

© 2011 Cecilia Flaming

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