December 23, 2010

Year End 2010 // Recap

The end is near!  In 3 days it's Christmas and then a few days after that it will be 2011!

I wanted to say thanks for all the support from family and friends throughout this past year and a HUGE thanks to all of my clients.  Without my amazing & fabulous clients, I would have a tough time taking great photos!  I have been blessed to have such easy going, fun, adventurous and beautiful clients and it's be great working with each of you.  I am so excited to see what 2011 will bring with new weddings, engagements, family sessions and more!  There will be a few "surprises", contests and more, so keep an eye out on the facebook page, here on the blog and maybe even twitter! (hint, hint!)

I figured it's only appropriate to end the year with a few thank you's along with a quick recap of what's happened throughout the year for Cecilia Flaming Photography.

Facebook: it was started in early 2009, but this year it continued to grow with more followers, updates and sneak peeks from every photo session!  

Twitter:  Cecilia Flaming Photography joined Twitter in the summer of 2010.  It's going to continue to grow in the next few months, so don't forget to follow me @CeciliaFlaming!

Website:  the NEW website launched on July 15, 2010!  This had to be one of my favourite highlights of the past year!  I loved being able to feature my favourite photos in a clean, bright portfolio gallery setting.  

Blog:  my blog went through a major makeover since starting in 2007.  Along with a new URL: (way better to type than eh?)  It also feels more legit with the new URL! 

Redesign: Logo and Branding
In the late summer I redesigned my logo!  (Yes... I was already tired with the old one and wanted to sit down, spend a good deal of time and really create something I liked!)  Colours and branding will be seen more in 2011 and who knows... the logo may change again.  

Business Cards: along with the new logo... new business cards were created, I opted for a "collage" as this included and featured more of my lovely clients on each card, rather than one photo like past cards.  I just want to share everyone's photo!

Courses: Took a few different courses throughout 2010!
Started off 2010 at Photo Gurus:
- Introduction to Digital Photography (taught by Sheena Wilkie) (since then I think 3 of my friends have taken the course! I totally recommend it!)
Photoshop for Photographers (taught by Sheena Wilkie)
Near the end of 2010 went for 8 weeks to Pull Focus Film School:
Photography and Writing for the Digital Age (taught by Heather Conn and Adam Myhill)

Needless to say, 2010 was EXCITING and full of so much growth and progress for my business!  Little by little I'm continuing to book more and more clients.  2011 is going to be fabulous and busy.  Already quite a few weddings are booked and I can't wait!  

Thank You's:
I want to say thanks to all the photog friends I've made his year! (you know who you are!) From Photo Gurus, from Pull Focus Film School, from Help Portrait, and Photo Chicks, or through friends of friends... it's been great connecting with all of you and learning alongside in various courses, classes and events!  I have enjoyed all of our photo shoots & projects together! It's always exciting to meet other photographersto learn with and develop our skills.

To my friends who have become photogs! I'm glad you've caught the "photog" bug. :) hehe.  I love it when friends have a similar passion or hobby and look forward to collaborating with you in future projects...

To the professional photographers who I admire and look up to... and continue to be inspired by their creative work and success.  I love the fact that your job is what you love to do!

Sheena Wilkie (teacher at Photo Gurus... answered so MANY of my questions and was an amazing teacher for photography and photoshop!).
Anita Chapman (who was my wedding photographer!) for inspiring me to catch the "photography bug", always answering my questions and giving great advice.  Thanks for organizing the "Trash the Dress" shoot in Feb. 2010, it was a blast!
Adam Myhill for being a wonderful teacher at Pull Focus Film School and showing me a lot of great editing hacks and tips!

To my clients, friends, models and volunteers - Thank You for allowing me to photograph you! (and hopefully again in the future!) Hehe.
To everyone who read this blog! You are AWESOME and I love the support, comments and feedback.

And finally... have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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  1. Love your website! The trash the dress photos are awesome!