December 5, 2010

Help-Portrait Abbotsford 2010

Today was an amazing day!  I am so exhausted and tired, but I couldn't help but check out my candids I shot today at Help-Portrait Abbotsford!  Before I headed to bed I wanted to share a few.

This was my first year involved with Help-Portrait, and I had the opportunity to join around 35 other volunteers (hair stylists, makeup artists, photographers, editors and more!). I volunteered as an editor, editing the best shots from each session in photoshop.  It was intense... we had to edit like mad! But I enjoyed it so much.  (Glad to know I don't have to edit my client photos that fast! It was a bit stressful!) haha.

Incase you're not familiar with Help-Portrait, you can check out my first post about it here!  (Help-Portrait is a collection of photographers, hair & makeup artists and volunteers who donate their time, skills and expertise to give photos to anyone who usually doesn't have access to or is unable to afford professional photos).

I was a bit nervous when people started to hover over my shoulder looking at their unedited photos on my laptop.  I felt a bit of nervousness, but I realized that they didn't see what needs to be edited or touched up.  Some of the people today had never had any professional photos taken before and they were excited to see how great they turned out.  A couple ladies were taken back and remarked at "how beautiful they looked in the photos".  I remember one particular comment,  "I didn't know I could look that good!"

Editing was made easier for all of us by the amazing hairstylists, makeup artists and photographers with their skills and expertise. 

Well, before I fall asleep sitting at the computer, here's some shots from today!

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

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