November 23, 2010

Vancouver Aquarium // Personal

I recently went to the Vancouver Aquarium with a few friends.  (Anything to do with the ocean sparks my interest!) The morning started out fun filled with a stop at Starbucks and then driving downtown from South Surrey with my friend Christi.   I had secretly hoped we were the first in line, but there was already about a dozen people already at the door when we arrived.  

We were hoping to have the sea life "all to ourselves" for photographing with no other people around, but the morning was quite calm, and it didn't start getting crowded until the afternoon.  When I was in elementary school, we spent field trips sitting on the bleacher seats, watching the orcas perform stunts for crowds of people.  Nowadays the orcas are gone and their large pool has been transformed into more of a learning and research zone and home to the Pacific White-Sided Dolphins.  While it's sad not to see the orcas anymore, dolphins are my favourite, so the replacement's just as good to me. :)  We ended up finding great standing room to watch the morning dolphin show.  The otter turned out to be my favourite "furry friend" of the day too! :)

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

LOCATION: Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver BC

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