September 12, 2010

Stephanie, Emma & Christi // Relive the Dress Sneak Peek!

Yesterday I teamed up with my friend (and fellow photographer) Bianca and we photographed a Relive the Dress session with 3 lovely ladies.  Relive the Dress is basically a mild Trash the Dress shoot... where you don't wreck or trash your wedding dress.  

We had multiple dresses, wedding, grad and bridesmaid dresses, along with plently of accessories, rubber boots, and unique locations.  Thank you Stephanie, Emma and Christi for being wonderful models all afternoon.  The shoot will be up within the week... after my new computer arrives! (yay!)

 © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

LOCATION: Ladner Village // Delta, BC
MODELS: Stephanie Pankratz, Emma Walter, Christi Walter

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