March 16, 2010

Dustin & Kelly // Trash the Dress

The last (but not least) couple that I got to photograph at the Trash the Dress shoot in Abbotsford was Dustin and Kelly.  I actually got to photograph them at both locations that day, the industrial area and at the private farm!  

We found an old green lawnmower that matched Dustin's tie, so it was a perfect prop!  I later found out that Dustin and Kelly actually had a John Deere themed wedding with the bright green!  
Kelly's dress was amazing and one of a kind... her aunt made it for her!  All I can say is GORGEOUS!

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

March 15, 2010

2010 Paralympic Opening Ceremony // BC Place, Vancouver

I might have taken too many photos at the Paralympic Opening Ceremony... (really I did!).  I have finally narrowed it down, edited and picked my faves to share.  
We had the cheap seats, but it had a fantastic view of the whole show.  We also were one of the first to arrive in BC Place... seriously.  I took a shot of the stadium before it got crowded and were were able to watch the stadium fill up with people.  My parents arrived shortly after us, they were seated in the next section over!

My husband is a bit “crazy” now and then… you’ll see in one of the shots that he’s wearing the poncho (provided for audience participation) and biting a gold paper that everyone used to reflect light and create a “sparkle” effect from the crowd.  Guess it’s similar to biting a gold medal?  They had a lot of audience participation to create the ceremonies, like holding the sparkle gold paper, using a light up pom pom and more.
And somehow they also managed to teach a stadium of 60,000 people to dance for a record breaking flash dance mob!  After they gave us a run-thru of how the opening ceremonies will go, the Paralympics Official Opening Ceremony started!
We walked over to see the newly lit Paralympic torch after the opening ceremonies were over to take a few shots as well!

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

LOCATION: BC Place Stadium Vancouver BC

Dave & Chelsea // Trash the Dress

Dave and Chelsea are my second couple from the Trash the Dress shoot last month that I got to photograph.  They modeled for me in an industrial area in Abbotsford and we got some "out of the box" shots that you normally would have on a wedding day!

I had a limited time to work with them, but they were fantastic and naturals infront of the camera.

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming  

March 13, 2010

Vanessa // Trash the Dress

I'm so excited to share with you the first model from the Trash the Dress shoot in Abbotsford!  We had 5 models for the shoot, but I'll post each couple/model in their own blog posts otherwise it will get too long with TONS of photos! :)

Vanessa was amazing to work with.  Her husband wasn't able to make it out for the shoot, but nonetheless she still rocked her wedding dress.  She was probably the most adventurous "bride" of the day!  Open to suggestions, climbing through a creek and even lying down in the mud in her gorgeous dress.
Don't worry though!  The dress survived... she said later that all she did was rinse it off in the shower and all the mud came off. After a cleaning it was white again. :)

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

2010 Paralympics Opening Ceremony // Preview!

Steve and I went to the Opening Ceremony for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympics yesterday at BC Place Stadium!  It was amazing...  We were part of the largest flash mob dance (60,000 people) and broke the world record!  Pretty neat how they tried to include and incorporate a lot of the audience into the event.  

I have one shot to share with you for now... from the lighting of the cauldron.  More photos will be up in a couple days!

© 2010 Cecilia Flaming