February 25, 2010

2010 Vancouver Olympics // Holland Park, Surrey Celebration Site

Another post for the 2010 Olympics!  We spent the day at the Surrey Venue which is located in Holland Park, Surrey BC.  (It is one of the Celebration Sites set up during the 2010 Olympics).  
Despite having to wait 2 1/2 hours for tickets to the RCMP Musical Ride we still had a blast!  We finally did manage to check out the rest of the sites, watched one of the mens' hockey games on the BIG screen, saw a dog show and finally watched the RCMP Musical Ride.  I was a bit in love with the horses and went twice to the stables to "meet and greet" with the horses and mounted police. :)

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

LOCATION: Surrey Celebration Site, Holland Park (Surrey BC)

February 22, 2010

2010 Vancouver Olympics // Personal

Vancouver, BC is the host city for the 2010 Olympics this year and we're right in the middle of the games!  The atmosphere in our city is amazing and so much fun!  Steve and I haven't had the chance yet to attend any of the sporting events, so we made our way downtown to walk around and enjoy everything else the Olympics has to offer so far...

Here's a bit of our adventures downtown... we visited some of the hotspots, including the olympic flame!

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

February 18, 2010

Depth of Field // Photo Gurus Course

I recently took a course at Photo Gurus taught by a local photographer, Sheena Wilkie.  One of the classes covered Depth of Field and I thought I would share some of my homework from the class!  I bought these cactus at Pier 1 for my assignment, and as an excuse for more decor.  :)  There's also a couple bonus take-outs for you where Mocha decided to crash the party...

And for some "Behind the Scenes" action... here's what I had to deal with to set up this shot... Mocha! :)

All Images © 2010 Cecilia Flaming

PROPS: Pier 1 Imports 

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