December 9, 2009

Greg & Bianca // UBC Engagement Session

Greg and Bianca are close friends of mine... I've grown up with Bianca and our families are friends... so I was super excited when I was asked to be one of her bridesmaids!   Even more excited when I got to take their engagement photos at UBC.

The day wasn't really at all what we were hoping for... it was WET and RAINY.  :(   Not that it's too surprising for that kind of weather in Vancouver, but we decided to go for it anyways.  Greg and Bianca chose to have their engagement session at the University of British Columbia.  Even with the miserable weather we still had a blast and the session was filled with a lot of laughter!

Here's a few favourites of mine... since we ended up getting soaked, we'll try again once it's warmer out for some more photos!

All Images © 2009 Cecilia Flaming

Congratulations on your engagement!  Can't wait for our next shoot together and for your wedding!!!

Location:  University of British Columbia (UBC) // Vancouver, BC

October 14, 2009

Meet Mocha // Our Newest Family Member!

Happy Thanksgiving... with a Mocha!  

Why a Mocha?  Well, that's actually the name of our new cat!  This past weekend we welcomed a new "family member" into our home, an 8 month old short-haired ragdoll cat.  

Ragdolls are known for having blue eyes and a distinct colorpoint coat.  The name is comes from their tendency to go limp and relaxed when you pick them up! And he does! His personality is very easy going, relaxed and a sweetheart.  He talks a lot and spent hours exploring and wandering around our townhouse.  It was hilarious to see him try and navigate the stairs.. he's never walked on stairs before... and it took some getting used to.

No doubt you'll see more of him on the blog in the future... but I wanted to officially introduce him since he's so cute!

All Images © 2009 Cecilia Flaming

September 21, 2009

Wes & Lindsay // Langley Bethel Menonnite Church Wedding

Wes and Lindsay were married at Bethel Mennonite Church in Langley, BC.  They are close friends of ours, and I wasn't the official photographer for their ceremony and portraits, but they asked me to photograph their reception later that evening.

Their wedding reception took place at Olivet Church in Abbotsford, BC.  I love the decor they used... real trees as the centerpieces and real fruit to decorate their wedding cake!  They added a lot of personal touches to decorate the church and it turned out amazing.


All Images © 2009 Cecilia Flaming

Congratulations Wes & Lindsay!  Your wedding was a blast and a celebration... hope you have a fantastic start off to a long marriage! :)
Ceremony Venue: Bethel Mennonite Church
Reception Venue: Olivet Church

September 14, 2009

Manuel & Nikki // Chilliwack Wedding Reception

Manuel and Nikki had their wedding in Alberta, but a lot of friends and family were in British Columbia as well who couldn't make it out, so they had a second wedding reception in BC!  It was held at a private vineyard property along the Fraser River in Chilliwack.
There was another wedding cake and Nikki had the chance to wear her wedding dress again!

Their wedding cake was made by Melissa Siemens of Sweet Addictions who is also a cousin of the groom!  It looked amazing... and tasted great as well!


All Images © 2009 Cecilia Flaming

Congratulations Manny & Nikki on your wedding!

Reception Venue: Private Vineyard Property, Chilliwack BC
Cake Artist: Melissa Siemens of Sweet Addictions

June 24, 2009

Greg & Leanna // Surrey Wedding Reception

When Greg and Leanna asked me to take photos at their wedding reception, I was ecstatic.  Not just because I LOVE photographing all things "wedding", but because they are good friends of ours AND I have been dying to use my newest Nikon speedlight in just this kind of situation!  
I am still quite new to wedding photography, so this opportunity to cover their reception was really valuable for me.  Their reception was also GORGEOUS... the table settings, decor, cake and all of the little lights and details made the hall look amazing.  Their wedding was enchanted and sparkly! 

All Images © 2009 Cecilia Flaming

Congratulations Greg & Leanna on your wedding!

June 15, 2009

Lighthouse Park // West Vancouver

This past weekend we explored Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver with a few friends of ours.  It was a gorgeous evening and we walked through most of the park and had a blast exploring out on the rocks and checking out the view.

These are just personal photos I took on our walk of our friends, the view and of course, the lighthouse!
I couldn't help but think that Lighthouse Park would be a PERFECT location for an engagement shoot!  I will definitely be back to this park with my camera gear in the future!

PS.  If you're interested in having engagement photos taken here, give me a shout! :)

It would be amazing to be out on that sailboat!

Some of our friends out on the rocks... 
Jennie, Lena & Marcel
Taking in the view...
Jennie sitting and enjoying the view...
Rock jumping!
Couldn't forget to take a selfie of us! :)
Sunset at Lighthouse Park

All Images © 2009 Cecilia Flaming

Location: Lighthouse Park // West Vancouver, BC

May 22, 2009

Luke & Lindsey // Kirkland House Wedding

Last weekend my brother-in-law, Luke got married!  I am super excited to have a sister-in-law join the Flaming family!  Luke and Lindsey had their wedding at an adorable heritage house in Delta, called Kirkland House.  Kirkland House is a century-old Edwardian farm house on the edge of Ladner, BC.  The beautiful gardens and the heritage-style architectural finishing of the house makes a perfect venue for a wedding.  And it was really hot and sunny! (Quite rare for a weekend in May here in British Columbia!)

I love the details that they used for their decor... birds and antique silver center-pieces.  The bridesmaid dresses were also beautiful along with the feather earrings to match the style.

All Images © 2009 Cecilia Flaming

Congratulations to Luke and Lindsey on your marriage!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Kirkland House, Ladner BC